Sunday, April 5, 2009

Coconut Agar-Agar (Fresh Young Coconut)

On my daughter's birthday I tried out this new agar-agar recipe given by Lilian from Sg. Pelek (refer to post). She is one of my Shaklee member since 2 years ago and with consistent persuasion she tried our GLA for her allergy problem, actually it is a hormonal problem. She is very sensitive to various types of food products. Since then she has not stop consuming GLA and other Shaklee products.

This agar-agar is easy to make but is costly. Young coconut normally cost RM2.50 - RM3 each. This coconut have to be freshly cut and sieved. Use a spoon to scrap out the flesh from the coconut.

25g AAA agar-agar powder.
2200g sieved fresh coconut water (approximately 10 coconuts)
200 - 250g sugar (depending of the sweetness of the coconut water)
Coconut flesh.

Bring the coconut water to boiling and add in the agar-agar powder and sugar till dissolved. Lastly add in the coconut flesh and bring it to boiling.

Pour the mixture into a square tray and cool them completely before putting them into the refrigerator. In Betung, Thailand this dessert is widely served.

Have Fun And Be Happy!

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