Thursday, July 5, 2007

Durian Cake (Soufflé)

Hurray! Hurray! It is durian session now. Durian is the king of fruit in Malaysia. Its name comes from the Malay word 'duri' (thorn) together with Malay suffix that is '-an' (for building a noun in Malay), meaning "thorny fruit". Every year we have two season where the durian fruit is available. That is mid year and at end of the year. Most Malaysian love durian and only a rare few don't like it but eventually they will learn to love it. Especially when they eat this durian soufflé cake. I have made 10 of them since last week and 5 of them were sold to close friend for RM60 each and the weight is more than 1.1 kg. Some of them who have never tried this durian cake was surprise when they tried it. I gave one of them to our durian supplier from Broga where I bought most of the durian. I use the grade 101 durian which is sweet and golden in colour. It cost me around RM5 to RM8 per kilo. Many of them have not eaten this souffle cake because it was not sold in most of the cake shop. When I mentioned about durian cake most of them said they don't like durian cake and I told them not until you try this durian soufflé cake. I have eaten them in Ipoh a few years ago and only manage to make them myself this durian session.

On 8th of July 2007 I took one whole cake readily cut and brought to Broga for a group of 12 friends from Klang, Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur, Bangi, Damansara and 5 of us from Kajang. One of our friend Wong who only eat fresh durian and will not eat anything made from durian, be it durian cake, durian ice-cream, durian candy and etc, he has given himself a chance to try this durian soufflé and commented that it tasted so original.

Next weekend we are organising "eat all you can durian party" at only RM10 per head in one of the durian orchard in Broga.

Have fun and be happy! ☺


cyeo said...

hmm.. i wonder how it taste like..
nvr try it before..
but it sure taste gud. i'm a durian freak =)

Chloe Ooi said...

i'm impressed with the durian cake..
saliva coming out...

if u can sent me the recipe that will be great...

i like ur blog


Wei Zhi said...

Hey there. My mom is a durian fans and her birthday is on 26th of Oct. Just wondering do you sell durian cake? Hope to hear from you soon. (:

KC said...

Hi Wei Zhi,
Yes I do sell the durian cake. Pls sms at 019 333 9825 for details fr. KC at Cakes, Cookies and Cooking.