Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chinese New Year "Lap Mei Fun" Waxed Meat Rice

'Lap Mei Fun' is our favourite  dish during CNY.   Without fail on every CNY we will rush to buy all this waxed meats near Pudu Market. We will cooked 2 rice pot of this dishes and have them for lunch and dinner.  A must to have for my family which all of us enjoyed and we can have bowls after bowls of Lap Mei Fun

Ingredients (fr left to right)

2pcs waxed pork (Lup Yoke)
2pcs waxed duck sweet
2pcs waxed duck thigh (Lup Ngap Pei)
2pcs Pork Liver sausage (Yun Cheong)
3pcs Chinese sausage (Lup Cheong)


1.  Blanch all the waxed stuff in a shallow sauce pan to remove the oil


 2.  Slice all the waxed meats into slices
 3.  Mix 3tbs of light soya sauce, 1tbs dark soya sauce, 1tbs sugar and 2tbs shaoxing wine

4.  Cook 5 cups of rice in a rice pot with minimum 5 cups of water
5.  Once rice is cooked, open lid and place the sliced waxed meat on top

 6.  Pour the sauce 5 mins later and mix well before serving

Have fun and be happy! ♥♥♥

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