Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year Eight Treasure "Tong Sui"

Would like to share this recipe for those who like to have them for the first dessert serve first thing on the first day of Chinese New Year. We have this dessert since we were young, maybe the Chinese believe first day first thing "tian tian" means sweet sweet and it will bring us all sweet and joyous comings...

1. Gingko nuts
2. Lotus seeds
3. Dried Longans
4. White Fungus
5. Barley
6. Lily bulbs
7. Red Dates
8. Candied Winter Melon (thinly sliced)
9. Rock sugar
10. Pandan leaves


 1. Boil barley and pandan leaves in a big pot over high heat for 30 mins.
 2. Add in gingko, lotus seeds, lily bulbs, white fungus and red dates, continue to boil till lotus seeds and lily bulbs turn softened and add in rock sugar
3.  Lastly add in candied winter melon and boil for 5 minutes and before turn off heat, add in the dried longans.


Have fun and be happy! ♥♥♥

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