Friday, August 26, 2011

Hokkien Alkaline Rice Cake "ti yar ker"

This "ti yar ker" is a must for Hokkien during their festive season. When my Sg. Pelek 's friend heard that I am interested to learn this traditional steamed cake, she arranged his 80 years old mother to show us how she prepared them. No measuring needed cos she using estimation method to make all her kuih.

1500ml water
1 packet of rice flour (500g)
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp "pang sar"
3/4 tbsp soda

1. Mix the flour with 750ml water
2. Mix the salt, "pang sar" and soda in a small bowl
3. Bring to boil the balance of 750ml in another pot
4. Pour the batter into the boiling water and keep stirring till almost cook
5. Add in the soda mixture into the half cooked batter and turn off heat
6. Using a wooded ladle keep stirring the mixture till thicken and smooth

7. Greased a 9" round tray with some cooking oil and pour in the mixture
8. Steam on high heat for 1½ hours and remove cover and steam another 10 mins so the surface will turn dry.
9. Leave it to cool completely and it will be tougher and chewy
10. Best served with "lor bak", stewed pork

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